Steven is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Mississippi and a small business owner in Lamar County. He is a 4th generation Mississippian raising two beautiful children, Asher (age 2 years) and Adeline (age 1 year), along with his wife April, who is an operating room nurse. They are active members at Temple Baptist Church. Both of his children were born in Hattiesburg and he is driven to ensure the prosperity of Lamar County so that they too can make the Pinebelt their home to raise a family. He is passionate about protecting the individual rights and economic freedom for citizens of Lamar County. He is a Christian conservative that believes in limited taxation, a balanced budget, and positive job growth.

As a local business owner, Steven is an advocate for business development and economic growth within Lamar County. He is an active member of the Pine Belt Young Professionals, the President of the Rotary Club of Hattiesburg, an affiliate member of the Hattiesburg Area Association of Realtors, and an active member of the Lamar County Republican Party. He is also the current Chairman of the Piney Woods Conservation Group, an organization that promotes the conservation of the environment through private means. Through the Piney Woods Conservation Group, previously the Piney Woods Land Trust, Steven helped designate a 10 mile stretch of the Leaf River as a Blueway for kayaking and canoeing.

He regularly meets with the local elected officials and travels to Jackson during the State Legislative session in an attempt to follow the nearly 3,000 bills that are filed each year, many of which can be a detriment to businesses and jobs in Lamar County. Steven also regularly meets with other state business associations and has attended the Mississippi Municipal League for the past 6 years to meet with both business leaders and local elected officials in an effort to promote economic growth.

Steven believes that the problem in today’s society is that we’ve always been taught to NOT talk about hard topics like religion and politics, but instead we should have been taught HOW to talk about those hard topics. Steven is dedicated to talking about the hard topics so that we may protect our rights as free citizens and allow for economic growth in Lamar County.